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Yundi Li, the First Prize Winner of the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition

This website was created right after Yundi Li won the first prize of Chopin international competition in 2000. There were not many websites about him at that time. Yundi and I was classmate back in 1994 and still good friends. I built this site to promote his music to many music lovers. On this site I'll include everything about my friend Yundi Li, including personal photos, a biography, concerts, breaking news, and more.
Thanks for taking a look at this site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions.

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About Yundi Li


Yundi Li was born in Chongqing, Sichuan, the Peoples Republic of China to nonmusical parents on October. 7, 1982. Yundi started to play accordion when he was four. When he was seven, his parents let him started learning piano with Mr. Dan Zhaoyi, who was a piano professor in the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu, Sichuan. In 1994, Yundi was selected to study in the Affiliated Middle School of the Sichuan Conservatory as the best piano student in the class 00. During one-year study in Sichuan, Yundi gave a piano duet recital with his best friend Xiaoming Zhu with acclaims and won the third prize at the Stravinsky International Piano Competition. In 1995, right before his13th birthday, Yundi followed his teacher Mr. Dan moved to Shenzhen and studied in the Shenzhen Art School. After he changed school, Yundi made big progress on his piano techniques, performing highlights included appearances as a soloist with numerous orchestras and won numerous awards and toured extensively as a young musician. In 1997, Yundi won the third prize at the Missouri International Piano Competition in USA and the first prize in the Yellow River Concerto Group of the Chinese Repertoire Piano Competition in Hong Kong. 1999 was very exciting year for Yundi, he won the third prize at one of the major piano competition in the world, F. Liszt International Piano Competition that was held in Utrechi, Netherlands and the first prize at the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition in Salt Lake City, USA and the third prize in the Second China Piano International Piano Competition in Beijing. In October 2000, the turning point of Yundis piano career is being the First Prize Winner of the Fourteenth Fredic Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland. Yundi became the youngest first prize holder in the Chopin Competition. He spent his 18th birthday during the competition in Poland. Recently, Yundi joined in the Hanover Music School in Germany and has been traveling all over the world for performing. His first CD album, which was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon has been released on December. 2001 in Japan. Now, He is busying with his CD promotion in Asia


Part of sources on the website are from research results of www.google.com, www.chinaren.com.